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    G'day Everyone,

    I am looking at investing in the US in the first half of next year and I've been in contact with Trish Davies the owner of the site and company and have been impressed with her professionalism in her replies. I was just wondering if anyone had used before, and if they had could they share their experiences?


    Todd Giles

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    It's amazing how many experts have come out of the woodwork….all talk the same talk…must be a school teaching this nowdays.

    My first warning sign is that the website doesn't tell you any addresses. The second warning sign is that they charge you for their "services". They make out that it's all difficult to invest in the US and despite all the smokes & mirrors you will make a mistake if you don't employ their services….just to justify the fee payable of $5995. That's a whole lot of money for information that you can obtain yourself free of charge.

    Second warning sign is that it seem to be small midwest towns she recommends. We are talking low income area's that have been dying for decades so how do you intend to actually make money…what's the exit strategy ?

    This is just another middleman company and all they have to offer is contacts they have. Deal direct with the companies based in the US.

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    Hi Todd

    Don't know anything about this website, but just passing on some general info relating to investing in the USA.

    If you have itunes…..go to Podcasts… for Creative Real Estate…..and listen to Rick Otton's podcast 8 and 9 on Investing in the US.

    You may change your mind after hearing this!!!!

    Cheers, T43

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    Todd pick a few markets in the USA, then take the time to fly over and check them out. I would make sure I visit at least 3 markets. I would find some fellow Australians who have invested in each market. I would try to find both USA and Australian teams dealing in each market. When dealing direct your cost will be better.

    Then the Choice would come down to  either paying a reseller  or going directly with a team located in each market.

    First make sure you have some goals short term , and Long term of what you are trying to accomplish. This forum is great place to start.

    Just my two cents

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    Todd, I would not go with this company. Like it was mentioned before, it is not any address on the website, it is a big red flag for me. Second, all houses advertised are definitely not in states like California or New York. If you are interested in investing in small town America, then you might check it out, if you are interested in investing in properties in big cities, then I would not go with this website. And last I recommend you to just research it online. Why would you pay thousand of dollars for the information that you can find yourself free?

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