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    Terry, i hear the waiting list is a long one to become a Tenant.


    Yours in Finance

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    My present is not making a fuss that they have a dog on my investment property and also installing central heating and evaporative air conditioning.

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    I went to Aldi and bought hamper style goodies like chocolates, jams, etc, then packed in a post pack and gave to my corporate property managers and the tenants.  Good will is everything.  The responses I received were awesome.  Folks, even property investing is all about relationships.  Think of the goodwill bank account.

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    Isn’t that sweet?  I commend you for adding personal touch in dealing with your tenants. It shows how good person you are.  I suggest that you send them nice flower arrangement to decorate their house for Christmas. You can inquire from your neighbor nice flower shop. Who knows you might get good price deals if you booked them earlier. Thanks

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    . For real x x x .

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    Last time I gave  a tenant a Christmas gift they requested (and received ) a rent reduction.

    So a big fat no from this humbug !

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    And fair enough too Lallibella!

    I had a particular tenant who asked if it was OK if he installed Foxtel at his own expense, and then didn't want to pay the normal annual rent increase to keep my expense coverage in line with CPI.  The response to the question of would I leave the rent as it was was a definite NO.  If you can afford Foxtel, why should I be left footing the bill of rising bills.

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    No pressies for tenants (even tho they are lovely) pressies for all my PMs tho, they work hard for me!!


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