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    Anybody got opinions on roof restoration?

    We have an old house in Perth with a tile roof we have been renovating and want to get the roof painted. I have spoken to the larger roof restoration companies and their quotes seem quite expensive. A friend told me I am better off getting a tiler to come in and do the repair work and then a painter to come and paint the roof. Does anybody know a reliable roof painter?

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    Hi Corie, I just PMd you. We went with Westcoat and found them great. I agree that a good roof repaint in the right colour brings a house up to date. Id be careful with a painter if they dont have much experience with roofs – you might end up with more cracked tiles and headaches than is worth it.

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    It is better to be safe than sorry. Consulting professional roof restoration companies is better. They can give you quotes which can suit your budget. For sure you can find good price deals. Have you tried looking at this one?

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    Hi, does anyone have experience with Centurion Roof Coatings?

    their website is, got some nice testimonial. just want to know if they are as good as they say .

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    I think it can make a pretty big difference – particularly for a rendered property.

    A dodgy job will stand out. Also make sure that you obtain some sort of warranty on the job because I've heard of paint coming off within a couple of years.

    Get a few quotes because the prices seem to vary quite a bit.

    Some businesses may provide a discount if you agree to let them place an advertisement in your front yard for a certain amount of time.



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    Funny enough, i got my roof restored and painted only 4 month ago with Modern Roof ( largish company in Sydney)

    Quoted me $19,000- neg down to $11,500 ( for a massive place and extremely high pitch roof- 1960's style place); job finished in 4 days no hassle..a bit expensive but it was top quality/service and comes with 10 years guarantee. 

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    I would agree with everyone – it is always better to go with professional and be happy about work done rather than go for cheapest one and end up paying much more down the line. 

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    Probably best to go with someone who has previous experience.  I don't necessarily think it has to be a 'roof restoration' company as there are plenty of good tilers and painters who will be able to do just as good a job for less.

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    I would choose replacement over restoration if I have the money to do so. But if the budget is tight, nothing is wrong with restoration.


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