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    A few people have asked me and I just wanted to put in the boundaries of the area that you MUST be aware will be affected by the smell of the dump. I see more and more spruikers selling these homes. It doesn't make it necessarily a "no" but you MUST be aware this stench is really awful and just check if the neighbours can smell it.

    The rough rule of thumb in urban planning is that up to about 2 miles away from a dump can be affected… Interestingly that is also for potential ground contaminant issues as well. You would need to do a ground test if concerned.

    If you are buying near an area I call the "Map of France" in Dekalb county, you SHOULD check if your property is affected by this smell…and check your heart how you feel about that…. Again, that may be fine for you but you just need to be very, very aware. I have smelt this dump from the corner of River Road and Panthersville road often and it is vile. Ward Lake and bouldercrest is nauseating at the right wind……for some unknown reason that pocket on the west and northwest is just bad. There are some stunning houses but dear heavens it isn't something I would rush to buy and I just shake my head…

    If you are buying anywhere in or near the perimeter of:

    Bouldercrest on the west, Panthersville road on the northwest, River Road to the North, Linecrest to the east, Ward Lake to the South – AKA map of France looking boundary … BE VERY VERY AWARE…

    For instance, SixOaks off Oakvale is definitely affected, Tolliver and that subdivision have had people comment to me on it….Patti Parkway is where one of my painter lives and she definitely smells it.

    Any house within 1/2 a mile outside of that boundary I pretty much either avoid completely or do the sniff test… And even then it is pretty specific… Namely 3 residents need to swear they have lived there longer than 5 years and never smelt anything. That is just me.

    Again, this isn't to make it a no… Just a "be aware" and formulate your own opinion. As you would with anything of that ilk. This dump just happens to be enormous and not going anywhere……


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    Hi Emma

    Thanks for your input, I've been reading your posts on the forum and on your website and would like to say thank you.

    I see now you are in favor of Las Vegas over Atlanta due to high crime and property availability, I was considering Atlanta until I've read your other post, what is your take on the economies of the two cities, I mean Atlanta has more solid economy while Las Vegas economy is based on tourism and discretionary income.

    I still see a lot of Atlanta properties on Zillow in the $60,000 range that look appealing, what do you think of these considering your other post about being hard to find good deals in Atlanta due to the competition.


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