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    In the process of buying my first investment property which I am able to receive positive cashflow, so should I use a Interest only loan or Interest and Principle?

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    Generally speaking I/O with an offset is preferred by most investors and even home owners…however it will depend on your goals, plans, borrowing capacity and product/rate ( ie some lenders charge a higher rate for i/o…..and some products don;t allow for i/o at all).

    If your not too sure what your going to do and have no short/long term goals etc…then stick with I/O with an offset it provides the highest flexibility and it’s hard to go wrong with that set up, especially if it;’s an investment property



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    One idea (or 2) behind using IO is to use as little cash as possible for investments so that:

    1. You can pay off your own home sooner, and/or

    2. Invest in more properties.

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    Personally I'm a fan of IO loans accross every property in the portfolio – even the PPOR. I wrote an article for API magazine on this recently – instead of copy/pasting, here's the link



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    My thoughts are that IF you own you own home outright and have no other non tax deductable debt then by all means go for a P&I loan as the idea to building wealth is made up of three key items; reducing debt, increasing income, and selling/locking in a capital gain or profit which in this case you can do the first two – any other situation I/0 loans make much more sense 99.999% of the time, both for tax reasons and flexiblity, as who knows what may change in your personal circumstances or property plans.
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