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    Yes I did get PM thanks, have replied

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    Hi bfree2live,

    Could you please PM your contacts too?



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    Hey guys, looking at picking up a couple in Toowoomba too but do not lie in the area. Can  someone tell me why Wilsonton and Wilsonton Heights are considered no go areas? And if anyone has a property in any of these suburbs what they think from finding a decent tenant an investment stand point! Cheers

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    Quality suburbs – Rangeville, East Toowoomba, Areas of Centenary Heights and South Toowoomba (East of Ruthven St)  This is the area that I look in.  Older style houses do have some asbestos but usually just wet areas. (not sure if this is a concern for you)

    Steer clear of Harlaxton, bad area. 

    I would say that Bfree2live is pretty spot on with the above areas. We are from Sydney but spent a number of weekends up there getting to know the area. Having said this I wouldn't say that you could blanket Wilsonton and Wilsonton Heights into one big group. The lower section of Wilsonton Heights (south of the school/playing fields) is much better than upper Wilsonton Heights which is largely housing commission style houses (not sure if they actually are though). Avoid any streets with a wine related name and you are on the right track.

    Also avoid Harlaxton and we didn't get a good feel for the lower half of Wilsonton near the airport (southern side). The Northern side near the airport seems to achieve reasonable prices. Didn't get a good impression from Harristown or Drayton either from driving around and talking to locals. Careful of the lower lying areas that are located near the creek bed too…remember the floods!

    We bought in Wilsonton Heights after tossing up between this and a house in Rangeville. It is a nice street, the entry point was more affordable and the returns in this area were better. Have had an amazing tenant for two years who treats the place like her own. We have been informed a rent increase is definitely due as the vacancies are tightening there.

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