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    I'm a bit inexperienced in the area of planning schemes,

    my question is how do you know or ascertain if there are going to be any changes to the planning scheme in your council etc

    I called my local council – planning dept – and they advised that if there were to be any changes to the planning scheme that all residents in the affected area would be notified by mail.  Is this correct??

    My reason being, i have a property that a plan to subdivide and build, but this may be a few years off.  And wanting to ensure I dont miss the boat so to speak if there were any up coming changes to the planning scheme that may restrict me from developing my block.

    Should i also regularly check planning schemes     etc??

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    Hi gavsam,

    Keep checking the council website, they should have all the current planning scheme, amendments, and anything else that is currently in the works on the website. You've gotta watch the mail-outs, it's supposed to be everyone in the area, but it's not everyone in the suburb.

    You can also read through past council meeting minutes where you can see if there are consistent refusals of certain developments, or if a planning issue is current and has been dragging on for a year or several years.

    You can also subscribe to the planningmatters newsletter on the planning depts website, which will give u weekly updates on planning amendments and schemes that are coming through.

    If it's worth money to you, better keep on it :)



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    Hi Gav,

    Our local council has just commenced this very same process. All landowners in the areas under consideration received a glossy overview of the proposal with invitations to view the full proposal at council offices.

    The process allows residents to raise any concerns and comments – in our case this was about a 3 month window. 

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    I am in the same boat as you, and am pretty unfamiliar with planning schemes. They seem to be very complicated at times. Nothing can ever be easy. :(

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