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    Interesting thread. Every time I speak to someone in Australia about our US property pursuits they seem very interested and are either actively pursuing a similar goal or have at least done a bit of research in the area. I think that there is still some way to go yet and plenty of opportunities for people wanting to invest. 

    The market is slowly trending up but I agree with what has been said previously, if you buy property in the US, your main short to medium-term goal should be high cash flow returns.

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    I'd venture that should be your goal anywhere in the world, at least for the next decade or so…if you're betting on capital gain, you're better off at the poker tables. No offense meant to you savvy US folk, some of you will make some nice bucks if you're quick on your toes, and some of you did, or are making some nice appreciation premiums as we speak- but a great many, if not the majority of new players out there, who tried to jump on the bandwagon whatever the cost, simply won't be.

    I'll stick to the easily manageable cashflow properties for the next few years. Call me chicken, it works for me.

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Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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