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    Hello Good People

    I was notified a few days ago by my Property Manager that there was suspected termite activity in an inbuilt cupboard, this was confirmed by a Pest Control company who came out to inspect the area, they are currently writing up a report.The cupboard suffered moisture damage due to some new water taps that were installed by a licenced plumber as I have this in writing from my property manager. They have now repaired the taps.

    The question for me is who foots the bill for this as the pest control will surely need to carry at work at the unit. I havent seen the area but from what I have seen termnates destruct, destroy, move very quickly. The rental unit is in a complex of 10.

    I have advised the Body Corporate and they stated that because its an inbuilt cupboard, its not covered by Stata? I have contents insurance on the property.

    Any advise would be greatlt appreciated?


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    Hi Simon1908,

    Do you have landlord insurance too? Building insurance? You may like to speak to a solicitor to give you a run down of who is leagally liable for the damage.

    The strata insurance covers common areas, common walls, anything that is common property and most policies have public liability (eg door knockers slipping over in the driveway and suing you).

    If you have insurance on the actual building, not contents, ring them and ask how you should proceed, sometimes they wont pay if you get the work done first.

    Whatever happens you need to get the termites dealt with as soon as possible, and depending on the area, have it re-treated every 5-7 years so they don't come back.

    Good luck with it, keep us posted.


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    Insurers generally don’t cover termite damage but may cover you for the water damage to the cupboards, the thing which has attracted the termites.

    Don’t mention termites, taps were replaced due to leaks etc.

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    Yes, DON"T MENTION TERMITES. I just had the bathroom from my IP renovated as termites got in and ate away the timber frame that held the bathtub up and the tub dropped leaving a huge gap and flooding the neighbouring room. Had to pull out the tub, shower screen, demolish the tiled frame and redo at a cost of between $ 6K and $10K (quote range).  As there was no mention of termites (we didn't know it was termite damage when we made the claim and the builder assumed the timber frame had "failed", the insurance company paid for it. Had it been termites, then the damage to at least the timber framing WOULD NOT have been covered.

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    thanks for the advice guys. I'm just about to inspect a property that I offered on, and it has a leaking tap – i suppose I should check if that caused some termites too

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    Water and termites go together as termites will actively seek out water sources for their own needs.

    That is why it is so important to take outlet drains off airconditioners away from your building, fix tap leaks, ensure sprinklers don't spray onto walls, and so on. Stay on top of water leaks and you are some way to helping manage any termites in the area.

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