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    Hello Forum Members

    I am looking at investing in a duplex property in Perth, however only half the duplex is on sale.

    I would like to know what are the pros and cons of the investment.

    The block is large (700 sqm) and sub divisible into two.

    Duplex is 2×1, no garage or carport, approx 80sqm living area, 20yrs old. In market for 320K.

    Suggestions and feedback welcome.

    Thank you very much.


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    I have contemplated this myself recently. Especially after I came across a duplex where the owners of one half had demolished and we’re rebuilding a separate residence.

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    Hi V,

    I came accross a duplex in Perth (Kewdale Area) last year…pretty cheap at $299K. As I did my DD, I realised that there may be restrctions on the property. Any development you may have to make depends on the agreement with the co-orners. The specific one in Kewdale could not be subdivided easily.

    I would suggest you enquire with the Council (not the Agent) about the conditions for sub-division, redevelopment etc. Different council may have different rules.


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    If the propetry has been subdivided to build a duplex, then it is unlikely that you could buy one of the duplexes and subdivide it again. You need to double check with council and with a planner- it is no point buying one of the duplexes and hoping you can subdivide.


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    V – please note that to be able to subdivide the duplex into a Survey Strata, you need the other duplex consent. Both owners need to agree for the conversion.


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