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    Hope your all looking forward to your easter break :)

    So i'm undertaking a development on backwards sloping land. I am in negotations with council on purchasing an easment through a park directly behind me.

    They have asked for $10k + legal costs + survey + $500 application fee. I have pleaded poor and brought the $10k down to $7.5k.

    The neighbours next door will be building a granny flat as well and will be using the eastment without cost as I am the first in the street to do so.

    Is there a way around it or putting a clause to charge anyone else using the easment to dilute costs over time?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    The issues to consider would include what size pipe would you be installing? Is it capable/have sufficient capacity to handle the runoff from more than one property? How could your neighbour connect to the pipe without crossing your land or the council’s land and having the right to connect to the pipe? Ie their plans must show how they are to dispose of runoff.

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    Talked with the drainage boys at work (I work in construction and use to work as an engineer in the drainage department) they think $3000 will cover smaller 65-150mm pipe. Anything larger will be about $100/ for materials and instal.

    Another issue is they expect me to allow a easement across my land which is fine, however I have a shed at the end which would be directly on the last stretch of easement into the next property. Curious if I can put a clause that the neighbor will need to move the shed at their cost f they decide to develop in the future.

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