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    Does anyone have any foresight into whether the Sunshine Coast property market (Entry level) will bounce back again? With factors such as retail and construction declines, this has driven people away for employment. My view is that the new private hospital and the public hospital being constructed in the next couple of years in Kawana should boost construction and employment in the area but I wonder if this will be enough? I have had an investment property there for 4 years and I’d struggle to get what I paid for it at the moment.

    Any views??

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    Hi Mick,

    No foresight – but on this topic I did catch an article by Margaret Lomas which said something like 'avoid one trick ponies' – in other words if the the area's future is tied to a single infrastructure project (Kawana Hospital, rail to Redcliffe peninsula etc) then the performance of the area is very much tied to that project and it's construction and performance.

    I did read around the traps there were some thoughts about FIFO from the Sunshine Coast into some of the mines in inner Qld. Not sure if that was the musings of a reporter or something based on facts. 

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    I too would be interested to hear any other views on the Sunshine Coast property market please. We have one IP there since 2007 and are considering offloading it as it is just not performing, concerned though as is usual I guess as to if the turnaround might be next year and so may be worth holding a little longer.

    Any one with any knowledge, insight into that market please!

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    Shedin wrote:
     concerned though if the turnaround might be next year and so may be worth holding a little longer.

    Wishful thinking at best. Take a look around you. See anything that's going to change the situation for the better?? No. You know what to do then… eh?

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    on the GOLD COAST, not same but similar one of those giant towers had over 30% of off the plan buyers default..

    those people are now being put through the process of having their private parts crushed in a vice..

    the go ahead sue. me line is not doing much good

    people paying off the plan 1.2m for something you cannot sell for 750K, today and probably a fair bit less in 5 years

    if you can get out and break even do it.

    problem with the Sunshine COAST is that the development has completely changed the area, not seen as ideal retirement place any more

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    Hi, some times selling at a loss is not a bad thing,  I'm not sure how this will work in your case but maybe speak I an accountant, sunshine coast is quiet, my wife and I used to go to the coast once a year but the last couple of years it has been quiet

    Plan an exit strategy 

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    Sunshine Coast would be a medium to long term proposition. Although I wouldn't be looking for any huge rises in the short term.

    A charter company operating out of the airport is seeking contracts from Qld mining companies to operate FIFO to mine sites. The idea is to turn the area into a location that miners and their families can live on the coast, in SE Qld, with a better quality of life and FIFO to work from there. Not too sure at what stage the contract talks are.

    Also a feasibility study is about to commence into the possibility of a Sunshine Coast Light Rail Project. However this is just the feasibility study and whether or not the project eventually gets the go ahead is anyones estimate really. Although personally I think it has merit and would be a great asset to the Sunshine Coast.

    The construction of the Kawana Hospital has been widely reported and a couple of months ago the area was tipped to become a bit of a hot spot. Although I'm never one to jump on bandwagons.



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    Skytrans are currently servicing a mine in the Bowen basin with fifo workers. But other mines are looking at northern Queensland (cairns).

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    Sunshine Coast is the worst performer of my newer planning practices so far.

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