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    Hi Everyone.  I am doing a renovation at the moment and I need some ideas on what to do for a driveway surface.  What is there is the old school two strips of concrete with grass in between.  The issue is it is too narrow for a car so the grass on either side ends up as mud.  The previous owner put crushed rock on either side but it is on a little bit of a slope and the crushed rock all ends up down the bottom.  I don't want to concrete it as that will be $5000.  What other surfaces do people know about that I could investigate.

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    square concrete pavers? dig a bit of soil out, staab sand, level and lay? cheap option …..

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    You could try using turf paving blocks to prevent soil compaction and minimise grass wear.  These are hexagonal blocks made of  UV stabilised plastic, that interlock together.  They will support the weight of a vehicle and allow grass to grow without being affected by vehicles.  They are easy enough to place, can be cut to size.  Just a thought.

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