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    We are negotiating two houses in the same suburbs? One is nice fibro house with big land. The other is old solid brick house, smaller land. The total price of brick house is less but more expensive per sqm. We will choose one of them. As per investment view, would brick or fibro matters?. Any idea is appreciated.

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    How old are they?

    Might be a Capital allowance consideration depending on the age.

    Also brick may require less maintainance.
    All depends on the actual numbers and what you are wanting to do with the property long term.


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    Something else to consider may be whether the fibro house contains asbestos.  If you are thinking of knocking it down in the future then you may need specialised people to do it.

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    Depends on how big the land this, IMO. What condition is the fibro house in? Does the land have subdivision potential if you buy the bigger block with the fibro house on it? I've read of some people buying a fibro house on a sizable plot of land, shifting the position of the house and then subdividing.

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    The answer is ‘depends’ :)

    Plenty of very nice suburbs with renovated post war houses with fibro materials in Brisbane. I would be tempted by the more valuable land component, likely to get a higher yield on the brick house though combined with the cheaper list price should lead to better holding costs, fibro in itself might not be a deal breaker if the condition of the house is good.

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