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    Starting Fresh!!!                
    Hi All, In the last couple of years my over all Cash flow position has been up and down like a yo yo.
    1st Year – Moved out of Home
    2nd Year – Bought a business
    3rd Year – Getting Married. 

    So by the 29/10/11 when I get married I can move on and start fresh.  The last thee years there has been a lot of expenses and that’s life. What I have noticed when I first started investing I was doing it slowly and not trying to get rich quick and I actually achieved more. So my plan is to do the following again:Start investing in the following
    ·         Shares
    ·         General Savings
    ·         Also  paying of my home loan from 109k to x amount of dollars. I own a business know and work some were else too.Do a lot of people go through this in there life where they spend a couple of years setting up and then the following really reaching your goals? 

    I think the feeling for me has been this – Very comfortable between 19 to 23 moved out to 24 to 27 hard and know it looks like it might get more comfortable.

    But alot of poeple say success is very uncomfrotable


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    Success is never easy. There are always obstacles and problems you go through. And that's fine as long as we learn from and capitalise on these problems.
    Success, just as in life, is never easy. But it is better to be successful than not because you'll get hit with problems no matter what anyway.

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    If you havent had a fall .. you dont know how to get up again.

    The best way not to fall too badly is to watch and read how other people fell .. and why.

    Experience and time will get you making more of the right decisions and less of the wrong ones for your future wealth.

    As long as you LEARN from your mistakes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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