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    Hi there, what about the real estate investment and benefit of investment there, I have read and heard that the real estate business never dies,So what about the secure steps to determine first when buying or selling a property.Thanks for this in advance.

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    Atwater wrote:
    Thanks for this in advance.

    Hi Atwater

    I’m a little (ok a lot) confused as to what it is your asking about.



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    Yep …same-

    are you asking;
    1. Why invest in Real estate?
    2. How?
    3. Where?


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    Well, property investment plays a vital role in an individual’s life. Nobody wants to waste his hard-earned money in buying properties that will give nothing in return after some time period. Today you might have $100 million in your pocket but what if you buy a property of this money and end up having little investment. You after some time realized that you have been duped because there are lot of fake real estate agents in this world. So carefully analyze the entire circumstances and invest your money in the right property.

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    Like in every domain you have to get some knowledge before taking the plunge into it.

    It takes constant learning and working to make money from real estate, like elsewhere

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    The secure steps in buying or selling real estate are not up to the mark. Because this field is so erratic and unpredictable that you can never imagine. Suppose you are a buyer. You are looking for a property for your family. First, you will identify the location, the surroundings of the property, then you will look for the essential places like schools, colleges, malls, grocery stores so that it will be easy for you to commute and then you will approach a real estate agent as per your budget and needs.

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