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    Whilst conscious that this site is practically owned by the developers these days, my wife noticed this change at work. I would just like to give a heads up… Surat Basin Homes which is part of Surat Basin Property Group which is part of Surat Basin Developments (layers much? pyramid selling!? crikey HA HA) has now got a new alliance/partnership and using its well tucked away brand… Caspian Property Group. I encourage you to look up CASPIAN PROPERTIES BROKERS L.L.C which is listed as a legit business. Caspian Property Group must have made the scammed list?

    Full credit to my darling wife of course:

    Their new Caspian CEO has come from Slush-Puppie!? The frostie/drink 7/11 company. Well …if it looks like a turd… smells like a turd…

    By the way when it comes to investing in these regions… check out the new movie “Promised Land” with Matt Damon and Frances McDormand.

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    Would be very interested to know how everyone is doing in these areas now in 2015, I know of a lot hurting

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    would be great to hear?

    and learn about there stratagies

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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