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    i have been unemplyed for over a year now… and would like someones opinion on how i can make a living with a small amount of savings i have in the bank. i cant live off interest its just not enough.

    Does anyone have any ideas how i can use this capital to my advantage… so i can make at least 30 or 40k a year??



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    Do you have any assets at all like a house or something?

    Is there a reason why you're unemployed or do you simply don't want to work?

    There's plenty you can do with $200k but there's a lot a risk elements to be considered.

    I'm probably in a similar situation where I was unemployed because I tried a few things that didn't work out but learned a lot from it. However, I'm starting a new position where I'll be building my asset base and hopefully learned enough from past experiences to invest successfully.

    People here would probably want to know what you want to do and where you want to go to be able to provide some sort of direction.

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    Hi dougieQld,

    I agree with forever student. There’s so much you can do with $200K. I’m very sure that there are many in this forum who wish they have your problem.

    The first you need to do is determine what you want to do. For example, buying a business. Are you good with people? If not, don’t do it. Are you handy with your hands? If yes, start a handyman business.

    If you’re not afraid of physical work, put ad in local paper for lawn mowing, etc. You can actually start a business on $200 to $500, the important thing is to register the business, get an ABN, put ad in local paper, be good at what services you offer, and before you know it word of mouth would have increased business.

    If you have a disability, then, of course that’s the problem.

    You can always go back to trade school to qualify for something.

    In reality, only you know what you can and can’t do. Know thyself.

    Take care,


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    Just read your other post regarding 'Management Rights' and looks like there is an asset base for you to build on. It sounds like you are very young and doing the right thing asking questions and you probably need to further educate yourself to be able to handle your current situation which I hope you continue to do.

    If I were you, I would start small to get a feel about things, have a bit of experience before moving on to bigger things and look for casual or temp roles to have a bit of cash flow coming in. It's what I'm doing now and I still keep asking questions, educating myself and taking more action as time goes by.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I lost mine a number of years ago too and know how you feel. I surely hope you find somebody that can give you assistance. I commend you for looking after your Mom and wish you all the best.

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    Hi dougie,

    With $200K you do have options but understand that you may have a number of personal circumstances that may make things a bit harder for you. All i can say that you are doing the right thing in asking around for advice. Here are couple of decent options if you can get a casual job to support your daily expenses:
    1) Given your current cash position you will not be able to take excessive risks with investing so i would say to invest in a couple of properties and borrow up to the point where the income from the property can sustain all the costs of the investment (i.e. interest payments, expenses etc) – this is basically making sure your property is cash neutral. This way you can enjoy the benefits of capital growth while being able to support yourself through your casual job. With $200k you might even be able to afford more than 1 investment property.
    2) If you don’t want all your cash invested in illiquid assets (like property), you could possible split your investments with a portion in property and another portion in stocks. That way if you need the cash you can always sell your shares in the event of an emergency. You also benefit from diversification as your wealth is spread out in other types of investments (you know the saying dont put all your eggs in one basket)

    Now both of these may not be possible if you are unable to work for any reason. If you really find yourself in a pinch I would recommend you speak to an investment advisor or your local accountant to see how you can use your existing funds to make it work out for you.

    Happy to discuss further :)

    Good luck and all the best.



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    I’m in a similar enough situation to the OP and have been contemplating the many different options available for investing. As I am not an Australian resident, I am slightly disadvantaged when it comes to getting a loan or buying a property so I put $200k in a term deposit account for 1 year at 6.5% and kept $45k to buy shares and a decent car. I only work part-time but any spare time I have is usually filled by reading about the property market, learning about the stock market and educating myself about taxes etc. I hope the knowledge gained in the next year will help me make far better investments decisions so I can start building a decent investment portfolio.
    You should of course seek professional advice from your bank, financial planner etc or find yourself a mentor to guide you in the right direction.
    Whatever you do with it, I hope it proves to be a success for you. And of course would like to be updated some time in the future.


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    We have a few options that might interest you and it doesn't require you to have a job. Excellent returns of up to 5% per month and no this isnt a joke – money makes money.

    If your interested to know more feel free to contact me on the below details.

    Regards, Trent

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