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    Hi guys has anyone delt with US prime property

    and what there experence was and are they happy with the outcome

    thanks in advance

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    Any more information about US Prime Property, checked out their website and emailed them.
    Has anyone purchased property through them yet.
    Are they ex Myusaproperty salesman ?????
    Looking at purchasing a USA property but so many choices hard to work out the good and bad.

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    Yeah I purchased a property with them. They told me the % return before hand, after purchasing the property it was well under almost half of what they claimed.

    Won't buy with them again

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    Sounds like you are a competitor.

    i know this company well, having purchased 5 properties through them I can categorically say that what you claim is rubbish. I have been around them all and these guys look after their customers.

    So what caused the ROI to be half of that claimed? Was the rent suddenly cut in half? What rubbish.

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    Hey Dalmation60, 

    My partner and I heard about this company through a family friend and after looking around, it seem's pretty legit. 

    Do you have any more info about your experience with them? Have there been any problems or additional costs and have your returns been what you expected? 

    I'm very interested in this. 

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    Could be a competitor or he could be the ones telling the truth. Either way, it's not how to determine the reputation of the company especially comments coming from these persons who has only 1 post.

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    I totally agree with you. A friend of mine purchased from them and they seem to be doing what they say.

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    Nice number of maiden posts promoting a company offerings.

    Do your own due diligence and take note of the regular contributors in the overseas forum section.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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