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    Has anyone had any dealings with a property developer called David Baird?  He has done a few developments in Queensland and is now working in NSW.  He is looking for private investors and I am just trying to get some background on him.


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    Can vouch for David Baird. He is a legitimate and successful property developer with years of experience. He has done several successful projects over the years. Unfortunately I am not in a position to invest in this project in NSW presently, but know several people who are. Have not known or heard of anyone who has been mislead by him, and I’ve known of him for several years.

    Good luck with your endeavours!

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    Thanks Alex great first post of endorcement.


    Yours in Finance

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    Gotta love those one don’t you Richard

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    I agree with scott

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    Hi Linar,

    You can google “David Baird” and see what comes up. Also, you can check with ASIC whether he or any of his companies has any past issues. NSW Office of Fair Trading is also a good source (if his business is registered in NSW). Other states have their equivalent fair trading department.

    These government offices have a means of tracking down people doing bad deeds (assuming they’ve been reported).

    Good luck with your efforts to check, you are doing the right thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of us knows him so can’t give personal recommendations.

    Take care.


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