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    G'day all…
    Just a quick question… just wanted to know if we can put in our contract something about the building inspection meeting our required standards, not just that a building inspection be completed. I undertstand that I can have this in but the Real Agent told me I couldn't…is she wrong?

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    You can have that the house pass the building inspection report. This may be semantics but the devil is in the details. One thing to be aware of is that Real estate agents want the sale to go through with the minimum fuss. Even though they are meant to represent you as the seller you may find that your gut feeling will contradict this.

    You as the vendor can request that this amendment be that it is subject to the house passing a building inspection report.

    Otherwise get the agent to ask specifically why they want a building report. What is the aim of the building report.?

    Is it to see if the house will be able to be extended safely upwards?

    Get the details.

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    I completely agree with traolcoladis. The agents want to make their sale without any complicated matters arising. As far as I know building inspection is necessary before making the purchase, so that you are on a safe side.

    You could ask other agents whether they allow it, and then tell your agent that others allow it, so why can not she?

    Good luck on your purchase! and Cheers!

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    The building inspection is for the benefit of the purchaser, not the vendor. The purchaser can put forward whatever conditions they like, it is up to the seller whether or not they are acceptable. If you are conditioning your offer subject to a satisfactory report you may need to advise what an unsatisfactory finding is (or what a satisfactory report is), after all the reports are designed to protect the building inspector's professional indemnity insurer (not the party relying on it).

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