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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently shopping for houses in Perth.

    I have also hit a roadblock.  Restriction of borrowing capacity for initial project.

    Currently I can borrow $400k, with my current savings and can supply financials.  Steadily employed with very large company.

    I was part of RP5 in 2009/2010.  Mostly everything taught was if you have 20% deposit.

    I currently rent a home at $440.00/week.  I'm single with no dependents.  Figured if I'm paying that amount of rent, then I can afford to buy a house.

    Looking at renovation deals + subdivision for onselling in 12 months.  I would like to live in the house whilst paying it off and renovate.

    I have access to FHOG.

    And to avoid this sounding like a personal ad for a life partner, enough about me lets talk about you.

    Is there a trustworthy, like minded person with the same goals (thereabouts) that is in the same predicament and would also like some assistance.

    If so, please apply within.

    If others have an opinion about how one might go lone wolf at this, then your honest and POLITE advice would be well received.

    All the best to everyone in the New Year.


    Corey Corby
    (NO relation to Schapelle)

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    Hi Corey,

    Do you have a suburb/area in mind where you would like to purchase? In some perth suburbs you might actually be able to do a reno/subd deal with the $400k funds, on your own.

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    Hi MrsC,

    Looking South of the river.  Beckenham, Queens Park, Forrestfield, Thornlie, Kenwick areas.

    I'm trying to stay close to work to avoid the commute.  At present I live 10 mins from work and love it.  It gives me more time.

    Though if you have other areas (that you may think I should investigate, I can always change jobs).  Do you have any broad ideas MrsC??



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