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    Hi everyone

    I’ve got some good and bad news. First I now live in Brisbane and would like to start investing in property and get my own home but I run into a few problems I currently live with a cousin and I need to move out in a month so I thought I use this time to get my own home. Which lends me to my next problem, borrowing money, I had recently resigned from my job of 4 years in the Army and now I’m on 2 months paid leave of $60,000pa which then I’m going to work in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and open personal training business down the track. I currently have $5,000 in savings and have no debt so I’ll be saving large amounts at a time, another $5,000 by late Jan won’t be an issue. I’ve being advised that it’ll be difficult for me to get a full-doc loan with my current state, which is why I’m going to continue working full time instead of going straight into business, like I’ve stated above.

    For the good news, my mum and family has inherited an incredible amount of land in New Zealand that no one in the entire family history had used it to create wealth. I’ve convinced them I can so they’re going to sign it over to me.

    If anyone has any advice on how I should go about using this land with my current predicament and in conjunction with my ideas in Australia. I don’t much about the land yet just here for ideas, I’ll be discussing with my solicitor once have all the paperwork sent to me.

    Thank you

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    May have some ideas but would need more details about the property in NZ, where is it, how large, is it just bare land, aprox market valuation etc.

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    considered private lending? solicitors funds?

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    Any residential or rural residential land is a marketable & saleable asset – but maybe someone might swap you with cash either way for a house near Brissy somewhere & you will have a WIn WIn ?

    All the best

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