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    Steve recommend to use companies to buy investment properties, which I think make sense.  However in his book there is never mention of GST in the number crushing. How does that work ???

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    no GST on residential property unless new.

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    for other property, you ignore the effect.

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    You need to keep an eye on the GST when regularly developing (ie: more than once),

    Ie; Dual Occ Sub divisions,


    Or even major reno’s ……..

    My understanding was that you may have to charge some GST on the price you sell for , in these circumstances.

    … And that now the ATO considers you to be in the business of developing, then you may also lose the 50% capital gains discount and start paying full income tax rates on all profit…….

    Definately worth a chat with accountant prior to planning a deal just in case the tax man steals all your profit.

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