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    This man is a scammer, he does free seminars to get you to buy very overpriced properties from him.

    Buy at your own risk.

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    I’m throwing this message down to the gauntlet before I start hitting up individual people to discuss the option process as this thread started many years ago.

    I have watched every free MR video I can get a hold of and have separated the concepts from the ‘tickle your ego’ approach with a simple flow diagram. Regarding the ‘selling of over priced properties’, Mark teaches to the concept of “holding stock and selling down the ‘$#!tters'”… then in another seminar such as the AAP he will really drive the need and at the end will have limited stock available for purchase in his latest development. So it’s reassuring to see he follows his own advice!

    I’ve received stratas/splitters and subdivisions DVD and went through that. How I obtained it is a funny story and I’ll tell you when you join up to Conclave. But jokes aside there is some excellent information in there and that’s all I’m interested in.

    In my honest opinion I believe the plan can be made to work and be very profitable. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to do a couple of deals and quit full time work. And I believe you can create a win win scenario for everyone. The seller, yourself and the ultimate buyer. The idea isn’t to pull the wool over people’s eyes, and to say honest things like “I’d like to use my money on your property to increase the value and give you a higher price..”

    MR or anyone else running a workshop isn’t the only person in Australia to have done this stuff or be in the process of doing so. There are people all over Australia putting these concepts into practice on all different levels.. making 40k to 40m out of a transaction. I just won’t meet them yet as they’re smoking cigars with their buddies at the golf course and waxing the lambo while I’m stuck at work.

    So if anyone has:
    – a positive/can do attitude and a keen interest in learning the process
    – been to a MR seminar/done a home study and is open to discussing ideas and content.
    – gone the next step and taken his knowledge and created deals – something very few people do…although as some people posted back in 2011 *yes I’m looking at you* I’m hoping you’ve made it by now!!

    …then please PM me as I’m interested in making some like minded contacts.

    Please don’t PM me if you want to rag off the course, rag that it doesn’t work, rag about how hard it is, rag on about MR scamming etc etc :)


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    This man is a scammer, he does free seminars to get you to buy very overpriced properties from him.
    Buy at your own risk.

    Hi Daryl
    At Massland we’re very proud of the fact that we’re able to consistently offer our investors opportunities to buy property priced below the market – certainly not overpriced. Our core business is development and we’ve helped our investors achieve great results and financial independence for many years. We’re very much focussed on helping our investors achieve their property goals, and also offer training programs for anyone interested in our successful investing strategies. Hope that clarifies what we do, and if you’d like to find out more about Massland feel free to contact us at [email protected] or take a look at our website
    All the best, Massland team

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    Is anyone else in need of this material? PM me

    Marcus | CTA | CPA

    Invest in yourself first. Education is everything.

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    I am also interested in purchasing the Home Study Kit if anyone has one available to sell.
    Please contact me along with your price.
    Thankyou :)

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    I might have one of these lying around to see if anyone wants. Not sure how this PM works.

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    Hi Stacey,

    Not sure how this PM works.

    PM stands for Private Message.

    Look for the “@name” underneath each poster’s main name – e.g. Under “Kelly” is also “@kellys3” – hover your cursor over that @name, and you will see a display that reads “Send a private message to this user”.

    If Kelly is the one you want to contact, then click on that @name and it will take you into the Private Messaging area and you can send Kelly the data you want to share with them. They will receive a PM from you. Into the future, you may well receive a reply from Kelly – at that time, at top of screen to the right, you will see “Howdy Staceymac” – click on that and it allows you to check for incoming messages from others. Just like email really.


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    If you are the kind or person that will make the Mark Rolton system work, then you don’t need Mark Rolton because you already are savvy in this space.

    If you are just getting going and want to learn, there are plenty of other options, research and property knowledge to be had first. Mark’s concepts to be implemented in full require you to spend ALOT more on his training and info then you will most likely get in return.

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