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    Hi guys,

    Im wanting to know if anybody can recommend or knows a property developer or established builder, thats willing to take on a junior to learn all the ins and outs of developing. I willing to work for free, and i have a 9 to 5 job Mon to Fri. I willing to work after hours and weekends. I wanting to work along side either developer or builder, but someone who is willing to show me the steps. Can anyone help?

    P.S i have tried sending out my CV to builders but no luck.


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    Hey mate i went throught that process. I sent out 20 letters to some companies in Sydney and the Central Coast of N.S.W looking for work experience. I was willing to do 2 or 3  full week days but all i got back was a no via the phone and another no via a letter. Didnt get any other replies. So i guess keep trying. I would also recommend stopping by owner builders houses with a list of questions in regards to not just developing but everything else associated with it i.e cheapest products to use, recommendations for conract services (if you are going to be an owner builder at some stage). Anything really. You can still learn alot from your average joe builder who has only ever built his own home. I would also recommend you buy a book called australian residential property development by ron forlee and also australian property invester published a book i think it is just called property development or along the lines you can get that one from their website.hope all this helps.good luck

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    Try to get onto Carly Crutchfield. That's how she started. No-one would give her a go so she worked for free.

     But I'd say you are not the first to offer free time. Just offering to do free work in your spare time doesn't really show a willingness to jump in.

     There are some who are willing to work free anytime.

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    That's how most of us started. You have to be very committed every day of the week not just after hours. You might start by doing the research online and find a value add for a developer to take you on board as a 'lacky' so to speak!

    It is a very competitive market, requires a great deal of patience, knowledge, creativity, stress, cost and above all TIME. Don't expect to just do a few months worth of work and think your a developer it may take many years. Expect to take a hit (loss) somewhere along the way also unfortunately this will be your greatest lesson. I believe there is a development course you can do now also at uni which wasn't around when i started.

    But if you are truly passionate about becoming a developer and really want it, no amount of NO's will stop you achieving your goal!


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    There is some developer who advertises under self employment in the SMH wanting to exchange knowledge etc. All for the princely sum of $35k to become a partner.

    Well, that;s one way of financing the project.

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