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    Im interested to find out what software or spreadsheets people are using when doing developments.

    Is there a good software you can recommend or any free development feasibility spreadsheets around?

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    I'd recommend cougar or dyna but it depends upon what you are looking to achieve. Excel also has some useful tools (NPV, IRR) or the excel forums on the web (search for Norman Harker, the guru who created alot of the stuff in the current version of excel).

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    Take a look at this one

    However you still have to do research on what it costs to sub divide, construction costs, ect

    You may want to consider the d-day course also

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    Hi Mrs Property,

    There are some free spreadsheets available on
    Hope this helps.


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    I have found a free software and it's actually surprisingly good. Definitely much easier to use than some spreadsheets and is better than lot of the paid programs too. It's called Real Estate analysis FREE –

    I have bought a few properties in the USA and have used this tool to figure out my estimated returns and NPV's. There is also cool property comparison tool – where you can select properties to compare and then see all the pros and cons about each one.

    If somebody else knows about better tool, let us know!

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    I think you should check out it has a really good ebook as well as there are two courses on offer. I haven’t done Amber’s course, but from what I have seen, this one seems to be the best around.

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    If you haven’t I think you should try the Property Development Feasibility as it comes with a video course explaining everything as well. And if you are after a more detailed version of Property Development Financial Feasibility in a spreadsheet environment with cashflow distribution as per S-Curves you should try out the property development courses on financial feasibility offered by Property Development System.

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    A really good Australian ‘off-the-shelf’ computer program for the financial feasibility study of property development projects is Feastudy. It is sold by Devfeas Pty Ltd and you can find out information about it here: .

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    Formblok is an innovative land feasibility app designed for this purpose you can assess your property prior to purchasing it.

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