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    Hi all
    There is an old house on my parents cattle property which is at least a 100 years old. At present, it is in an unlivable state but I would love to do it up one day and bring it back to some of it's former glory. I was wondering, as it is so old, is there any government grant or such that I would be able to apply for to help with it's restoration?
    Thanks heaps everyone!

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    Does this below criteria apply to residential houses?


    All proposals must meet the following 'gateway criteria' (Victoria):

    1. Projects are in areas experiencing high unemployment, a significant rise in unemployment or employment or economic vulnerability
    2. Projects must be viable and ready to start
    3. Funding for heritage projects will not extend past 2009-10. Projects will be expected to be self-sufficient and/or not require Commonwealth funding beyond 30 June 2010.

    Heritage projects also need to deliver positive heritage outcomes. Issues which are being taken into consideration in assessing heritage outcomes include:

    • does the project contribute to the heritage values of a place, including conservation, protection, adaptation or interpretation works?
    • is the project consistent with the principles of the Burra Charter, management plans currently in place, and state, territory and Commonwealth legislation?
    • does the project provide ongoing direct and indirect social and economic benefits in the community, such as by increasing tourism, or increasing the appropriate utilisation/value/rental returns of heritage properties?
    • to what extent does the project contribute to one or more of the priority heritage themes ('A Free and Fair Australia'; 'Peopling a Nation'; and 'Diversity of Landscapes') identified by the Australian Heritage Council, and include elements designed to promote awareness of the activity, and of the social and economic value of the heritage property?
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