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    I have just received another email from to confirm my attendance and my partner's attendance before April the 30th – I will definitely attend, but I'm not quite sure about my partner, who hasn't decided yet

    Being in their 20s most of my friends aren't interested in investing, and are only interested in 'instant gratification' i.e. spending money now, having a good time, and worrying about things later. If my partner decides not to attend, I would prefer to give the ticket to someone that will derive valued benefit from it, rather than see such an opportunity go to waste

    In my view this conference is a once in a life time event – it is very rare to get so many experts, at the same place and at the same time – and is one of those conferences you must attend if you are a 'property investor' or intend to be

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    in sydney?  i would be interested

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    I would be interested in your offer let me know how things turn out


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