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    I'm just wondering if anyone here has used a 'seller's advocate' to sell their property? If so has this been worth it versus using the agency who has managed your property? I've spoken with a seller's advocate who told me that they make their commission out of the real estate agency who achieve's the best result for you and that you are not locked in with one agent if your property sits on the market (unlikely at the moment I know).
    One thing of concern is that I don't feel comfortable ditching the agency who have managed the property while I have held it, but if a seller's advocate can achieve a better result, then maybe that would be my best option? Many thanks in advance!

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    Gats, every REA is a seller's advocate ie you appoint an agent to perform the duties of listing and selling your property. It is not a prerequisite to use the same company which manages your property to do the sales work (although often it is more convenient rather than having an uncooperative agent not arranging access for opens).

    If necessary, terminate your management agreement, take the management on yourself in the short-term.

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    If you need a seller's advocate what are you paying an agent for?  Commissioning your own valuation might be better because then you would have a better opinion whether the agents are in the right ball park

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    Some people prefer to sell their properties through an email based system of sales, rather than have an agent trudge 50 potential buyers through your property. Many investors out there need the facts and a few basic pics to make a buying decision and a quicker if not higher sale can be achieved this way. Less interruption to existing tenants, with responses in days not weeks or months.

    As a buyers agent I work for a fixed fee, this means that i try and do a great job and am not influenced by getting a higher fee if I do a worse job.(As all those on a % basis get paid more the higher the sale price). All im trying to say is shop around for what is comfortable for you.

    Don't be swayed by other peoples opinions too much as in the end its your property and your sale.

    Good Luck.


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