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    Hello John,
    The article appears to be well written and researched, except for me, it fails to substatiate its claims with referencing.  When an opinion is stated as fact, I always like to know who's opinion it is. 
    I'm also wondering if you have some sort of relationship with Australian Real or if you just found this article on the net, surfing around.
    Next I'm wondering who they are? Perhaps I should already know.
    While the article points out that movements in the drivers of demand for property in Australia can be defined statistically, it doesn't say where to get these statistics (sorry I ran out of patience to follow all the links), or specifically how to apply the statistical analysis.  Nor does it answer the question "What to expect of the Australian Property Market" and it is always interesting to know peoples opinions on this, even though most investors will do their own analysis of the regions they are investing in.
    Lastly, the article really seems to focus on indicators of negative and flat growth, and barely touches on indicators or positive growth.

    Thanks for the article.,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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