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    Hi All,

    Wanting some advice/contacts around Melbourne. Wanting to research into wholesale suppliers, try and get fixtures and fittings at cost (obviously wanting to minimise costs by all means necessary).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start searching for wholesalers? I will start doing some online research, but will also want to drive around, chat to some suppliers face to face.

    Just setting up to start renovating, possibly as a part time job, at least 4-5 houses per year. Would much prefer to buy in bulk when it comes to f&f’s, fit out each job with the same materials/fittings.

    General advice on where to start, or any advice at all, is much appreciated.

    I am fairly new to these forums – I might get slammed in mentioning, however been watching Henry Kaye’s….advice on renovating. Its definitely a good starting point.

    All welcome to reply with some constructive feedback.


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    A little word of advice Nat, when you are competing against builders who have the purchasing power of buying 10+ units of fixtures fittings at the same time on the one project, you will have little chance of securing much more discount than the average punter. You may  be better off paying with cash or  credit card upon delivery than 30 day terms (like the builders get).

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    Hi Nat,
    You should try auctions held every Wed and Sat.
    They are new or ex demo and generally at 70% off retail and below wholesale prices.
    There's GraysOnline and Fowles Auction as well as others in Melbourne.

    Good Luck! 

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    Thanks guys, all your feedback is appreciated. I am sure I will put all your comments to good use.

    Thank you again!

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