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    Hi all!

    We have an ip which we have recently moved back into until we decide whether we are going to build or buy our "home home" here in Gold Coast. The tenants in the past haven't exactly kept it in a decent condition and so we are now having to replace blinds, fix gardens etc etc to get it back to scratch – this being a lot easier cause we are living in the house.

    The situation is – the house isn't exactly the nicest looking house – its not ugly but it could look better – basically the whole street is very schabby and run down a bit… so my hubby has this whole idea of getting someone to render it and paint the roof to give it more street appeal. Now thats all fine and dandy but in a year or two's time we are most likely going to re-rent it out again (this could change but at present we will)…. so im trying to tell him it might not be worth spending $10k to do that when its probably more important to put aircons in or something like that??? He is very adimant on doing the outside though.

    Anyway is there any benefit to us doing what he wants – ie: will this increase the value for when we want to get our home? im just trying to see if there is any positives or are we just wasting money??

    Any suggestions would be great so i can pass them on to him!!! lol.

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    for rental reasons, you would be best to have it neat and tidy, good curtains, air conditioning, tidy up the garden etc.
    If it's your own permanent residence, it might be different as regards outside render.
    I think the outside look is usually not that relevant to the average tenant.

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    Hi All

    Would anyone know the approximate cost to cement render a 3 b/r house?

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    We recently did 2 duplexes side by side for $4900 thats the cheapest we could find. About the size of a four bed home. Is it a low set house? because it will a lot cheaper. Expect to pay $6-8k though.

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