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    Hello All,

    I have just bought my first IP and am looking at landlords insurance policies.. I figure there is a wealth of information here on all the different policies so I would like to ask who people use and why?
    Has anyone had to make any claims on their landlords insurance and had any really good/really bad experiences?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Hi Sophie,

    I personally found CGU Insurance to be very reliable and honourable. They do stick to their words. I had absolutely no problem when I had to make a claim. Gone very smoothly. I wouldn't switch for a few dollars cheaper in premium. Their advisers do give out their own line number so you could call back that particular staff and continue the query, unlike many other corporates' call centres that accessible only via a national line and each time you call, you have to start from the beginning.


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    Never had to use it but i'm with CGU also.

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    Hi Sophie

    I personally use and recommend to my clients the following and found the service excellent and very cost effective.

    Greg Rowe

    Rowe Landlord Services Pty Ltd

    T/A Property Insurance Plus

    M: 0450 922 234




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    Another vote for CGU and I have claimed a few times – all good and looked after me well.

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    I'm with NRMA.  I did a 5 week reno while our IP was under contract, one week after settlement (and one week after reno completed) a storm came through a made a water feature in our property.  Water entered through the damaged roof.   NRMA said we were negligent in our upkeep of the property (having owned it all of one week) and they said they would not cover the cost of the roof repairs or loss of rent as there was no tenant living there.

    I forwarded them my building report that said there was nothing wrong with the roof, and I forwarded them our tenant application (as a tenant was to move in the following week) …. they didn't really care.  So I guess you can make up your own mind whether you want to go with that company.

    Obviously I am on the lookout for a new policy, after nearly hyperventilating over the above experience, and I have heard that CBA have a decent policy, a bit dearer than the rest, but as yet I have not checked it out.

    I was hoping had done the comparison, but it hasn't.


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    Just asking about other peoples experiences with landlord insurance. New investor & I need to get some in the next week. (I'm Victorian based)

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    We are with CBA for our IP's but HAVE NEVER CLAIMED. I'm sure I'll be on here eventually bagging or loving them. The policy seems to be cheap (not freakishly so) but covers all the main stuff. We are also with CBA for contents and cars. It'd be really great if someone could advise as to insurance brokers. Has anyone had a good run, saved money etc? Is is a better option to go through a broker or hunt your own insurance? I think though after so many votes for CGU I'll check it out.


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    Not sure if NRMA and RACV are related as far as landlord insurance policies are concerned but my experience with RACV led me to cancel all policies I had with them including the roadside assist that I had for 20 years!

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