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    How much are your body corporate fees?
    I have a unit in a group of 10.
    $400 a year pays for building insurance and lawn mowing of common lawn areas. ( in Vic ).
    I have noticed similar units are up to $1000 and even $1500 for body corp fees .
    These are units with nothing special like gyms or lifts or pools etc.
    I wonder what the average min and average max is?


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    It varies widely – if the BC is self managed, occupants do the gardens/lawns, low sinking fund contributions etc would keep levies down however there are public risk/workers comp issues in this approach.

    Strata fees generally cover building/PL insurance, lawn maintenance, common area costs etc as well as the sinking fund (ie maintenance levy). A well managed strata complex has a healthy sinking fund indicating that the BC is actively maintaining the property.

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    On an old property of mine the BC fees were low, but any time substantial maintenance was required they always had to raise an additional levy to cover it.

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    ours (in my opinion) are overpriced.  $1100 a year for one unit in a set of 4.

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    Melbourne Metro – 1 of a set of 8 units = $720 year

    Regional Vic – 1 of a set of 4 units = $800 year

    Go figure!
    Both have low cash reserves with no big maintenance expenses recently.

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