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    Hi All

    What do you think of the NRAS investment schemes available currently. I was looking for a company that would run one in SA but can only find them in QLD and WA. Tenant income seems in a good range to not end up as a disadvantaged area, and can find some that only charge a 9% management fee. They can change a new property from negative to about nuetral. Anyone else looking?, Got any pointers on what to be careful with.


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    I was looking at the NRAS properties in Western Australia. Got on to a mob called Stroba Group, had a bit of info on the website but most of what I learnt I got from emailing the Clinton bloke (details on site).

    Hope it helps

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    I just bought a property in Tas with an NRAS incentives. The return is $415 per week ( including NRAS of $167 pw) for a $290,000 investment.

    Does anyone know how to calculate what the tax free incentive is worth in gross $$

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    Why are there more than 2 posts on this can't admin join topics together this is so dumb … use yr search …

    D 21st century technology?????????

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