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    Hi All,
    I just wanted some advice on where to find some information. Wondering if there are any recommended books or websites which talk about which areas of a house are good for value adding and which aren’t and what you should focus on for maximum result.
    We are looking for creative ways to build some equity in our home given that property prices haven’t been rising, so we thought if we could target a few key things in our place we could potentially add some value. We want to be sure we choose things that give good results in terms of value adding rather than doing up things that don’t add alot to the overall value or only add what you spend on them.
    I would imagine there would be some references around that give pointers on where to spend your money when doing a renovation for profit – as I guess that’s what we’re talking about – albeit a small one!

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    Hi, Sailorkaz

    Wife and I going to do a cheap low-budget reno on our first IP next month. Did our research and came up with a list of cheap things to do that can quickly add perceived value.

    Paint walls and ceiling
    Curtains / Blinds
    Light Fittings
    Door handles and kitchen cabinet handles
    All taps in property

    Much renovation info can be found in books from the library.

    Daniel Lee

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    Books from the library – who would’ve thought!! I think with all this information available on the internet, we sometimes forget about the basics!!
    Thanks, will check out the local library catalogue – online of course!!


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    there is already lots of good info here, I wont regurgitate….do a search

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    The other area that can make a difference is good lighting, whether adequate number of light fittings or well placed skylights. Street appeal is also important, have a defined path to the front door, good outdoor/security lighting and a tidy, easy care garden. House numbers although not necessarily increasing value, are appreciated by tenants (who would want friends to be able to find their new home easily) as well as any delivery or emergency vehicles value easy to read and find hosue numbers.



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