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    If anyone has any feedback on investing in the area of Warner, North Lakes and/or Joyner, outskirts of Brisbane then I'd be most grateful. I am unfamiliar with these areas but believe they are in the 30km zone from Brisbane CBD. AS much information including good and bad points would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Hi there QM. These estates are very popular. North Lakes is quite popular with upper-middle class, as it has a large shopping centre, awesome golf course, schools/colleges/child care centres. It's been developing for a number of years, so if you're after <5 year old houses within a reasonable distance to the CBD, it's a sought after area. In my opinion the prices are quite expensive. Very marketed towards young families.

    Mango Hill is a suburb right next to North Lakes which has older housing. I had an inside tip this week that a lot of 800sqm Res A zoned single housed properties are being demolished with units and townhouses going up in this area. Get in before everyone knows about it. I'm considering units in this area. Also, FYI, the local govt. and councillors are fighting to get a new train line that extends from petrie or kallangur to Redcliffe in the next say 10 years, which will pass through North Lakes/Mango Hill.

    Halpine Lakes is another estate close to North Lakes with new land and houses. You may find the prices cheaper here. Both these estates are located close to the Bruce Highway exit for easy access to the CBD. The closest train line is probably Kallangur or Petrie which could be a 10-15 drive.

    Warner Lakes is located a bit closer to suburbia, west of the highway. It's only 5 minutes from the train station, but I would not personally live there since it is a pain in the bum to drive to it from any location.

    I don't know the median prices or rent return (I'm sure you can find this out) but I can offer that local knowledge. If you have any specific questions go ahead, I might surprise you and myself. This is all I could think of for now.

    Good luck!


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    The appreciation inthis areas is the best and i bet that every deal is a profitable deal

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