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    We bought this property close to 4 years ago in Brisbane with renovating downstairs in mind to accomodate a growing family. Real estate agent advertised & sold it to us as a 4 bed, 2bath, one of each downstairs with a separate living and rumpus room and we also had an inspection done prior to settlement. However we have just had an evaluation done and despite the good news it was questioned as to the legality of the ceiling downstairs, ie being 'Legal height". After some research it appears that no part of any room is 2400mm (is this the legal height?). All varying from 60mm-30mm shy of this. Now my question is, how strict is BCC with this height? We don't want to left with the bill if we need to legally build in underneath and then later onsell the property. Does anyone know how long we have to seek legal advice should we need to?

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    you can get away with 10-15mm below, assuming there is carpet or tile. otherwise its just not legal. 4 yrs on you have no hope. I believe you had 12 months to act, but even if you did its unlikely to have been worth it.

    you can always do as I did, do your building work & dont tell council……or, apply for building permit & do the work, but dont have final inspection.

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    Legal height is what has been legislated in the BCA ie 2400 mm. The only exceptions occur where you you can prove that the majority of the floor has achieved that height or greater (eg a sloping ceiling over a dormer window).

    Do what you can to maximise floor/ceiling height – put lights between beams/joists etc.

    So it will largely depend on the council inspector as to what they will pass on the day. (I have had to relocate sprinklers by less than 100 mm because they have been 'out of rule').

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