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             i called the water and they said excess water has not been around for 10 old agent use to charge it i now manage there a way to make the tenent pay?the lease is up in feb thanks

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    Where water is metered, and the tenant is under a recent lease (ie post 199x reforms), there is a provision that the tenant pays for water consumption (it may differ from state to state but see:

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    In Victoria particularly Warrnambool i know that the tenant is billed for the water consumption.

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    Having rented in SA and Vic, I can say that in SA the owner pays water up to a certain amount, and the tenant if excess water is used.
    In Victoria the tenant pays for all their water use. (A better way I believe as u can monitor your water use – important in drought conditions in an already dry country).

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    Have you advised the water authority that it's a rented premise and the name of the tenants?

    Not sure about NSW, though Scotts post above implies that it's the same as in Victoria, but where a property is separately metered then the tenant is liable for all the water usage charge and the owner pays for the connection/sewage etc. charges. If they know it's a rental then they send out 2 bills. One to you without the usage charge and one to them directly for the usage.



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