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    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy plans to implement a mandatory, national web content filter at Internet Service Provider level. This will have many consequences including;

    A reduction in Internet speed of up to 86%;

    And the potential blocking or blacklisting of a website. The Minister has stated the objective of the filter is to protect children but has said that there are also plans to block what he terms as ‘unwanted’ sites which one assumes may include adult entertainment and gambling sites but also other sites that discuss issues such as euthanasia, abortion or religion. The minister has failed to identify what constitutes a site to be ‘unwanted’ or whom who make such a decision. He has also failed to establish any recourse by which the owner who has found their site to have been inadvertently blocked by the filter can appeal and have their site access reestablished.

    This proposal is an affront to our democracy and our right to free speech. Please voice your opposition by writing to the Minister or your Member of Parliament. Please get involved as soon we may have an Internet that is oppressive as some other countries such as China.

    I have included some links with more information regarding the filter and action you can take:

    Thank you.

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    Yup, Eventually the NWO plan is to bann all sites except for a few thousand gov approved ones..

    Its called Internet2

    Free speech is a very dangerous thing,  and cannot be allowed to prosper if there plan is to succeed

    There are already similar programs to this being implemented in England and America.

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    I agree with you hbbehrendorff.
    Give them an inch they take a mile.

    It will be like the drug testing of drivers.
    I was assured by the Justice Department Vic that the introduction of drug testing was only for Truck drivers due to the high drug taking.
    Now it seems to have silently migrated to all all drivers.

    So to catch 1 drugged driver , 43 other drivers are subjected to drug testing for no probable cause.
    Guilty until proven innocent !

    I wish they would filter email messages .
     If an email doesn't have a valid return email address it should be trashed at the mail server.

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    the nanny state is well and truly alive.
    we are all paying for it, how else are you going to control the masses!

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    I don’t think they will succeed, the internet is a global entity.
    As we all know countries don’t play nice with each other.

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    Welcome to China where even Google is censored! Go Rudd we could be just like China no free speech, no rights a total police state. Vote him out next election, he will wipe Australia out in the name of "protecting people". Sorry my net is really slow now wonder why?…..


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    By its very nature it will bottleneck speeds. It is also very suspicious that they are keeping the list of blacklisted/banned site secret, I dont particularly want everyone (me included) to know all the peado sites out there however what stops the from banning any site with no explanation.

    I cant stand Conroy and his ineptitude, however his latested idea about FTTP on greenfields suburbs is a bloody great idea.

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