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    Hi all just wondering if anybody has bought a house for removal and reno. If so what are the approx costs of removal, possible council regulation issues etc. Would be interested to hear about your experiences

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    hi juder, we have looked into this a little… we are in vic.  we prefer to use a local company that deals in relocation, it seems the costs are lower this way. if you have one in your area check them out as they will be a wealth of knowledge. Your local council will also be able to help, they should also have booklets with there regulations and planning information. We put our project on hold because we needed to go owner builder to do it and we have already done this recently ( you have to waite 3 years to do it again in vic). good luck with the project, hope this helps.  

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    My dad did one of these. 27k for about a 35 kilometer relocation. This was a few years ago now so petrol will be bit more now.

    It included transport of the house in halves, joined and put on new stumps. The house itself was a structurally sound three bedroom hardwood, solid weatherboard on a farm paddock and bought into town. Bought for 7k. 

    I've overlooked and learnt about the process. I seen it on the farm block and inspected it and then was there when the house was removed and put on the stumps on the new block and overseeing the works etc. I only lived next door at the time so i was directly involved. And helping out with odd jobs here and there.

    That was the beginning on the work. Then a lot of renovating, some wiring, connecting of services etc took place. Fence put up along the side, rear Veranda. Insulation put in the roof. Peeling of old wallpaper and repairs here and there, painting.

    There is a lot of work to it. It was for this one anyway. All up around 55k cash was spent and will value at about 120 now at a guess.

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    I’m starting 2 relocation projects right now – in SA an WA (fingers cross!)


    I got a quote to relocate 4/2 house for 350km in SA for around 20K. Same distance for 3/1 house was 15K. Both quotes I got just few weeks ago.


    Haven’t got prices for WA yet. Wish me a good luck!

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