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    What's the difference between residential 2a and 2b zoning (or 2c or 2d for that matter) (NSW)?

    Alternatively, is there a government site that explains what each zoning allows (max dimensions, ratios etc)


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    Try your local council or the council for the area you are refering to. The council website should have details there (although I find most council sites confusing and hard to find info) or the best thing is to phisically go to council and have a chat with the duty town planner. Be aware though if you do go to have a chat that you may have to make an appointment or find out when they have their counter open as some councils only do enquiries for these departments in the mornings or on certain days.

    You'd be amazed what a friendly local Town Planner can tell you, especially if you get on the right side of them.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi keen2start

    We agree with bespoke that you should check with your local council.  If you decide to visit your local council try and make an appointment with the senior town planner.   Their is no one government website that explains what each local planning authority zoning allows – a 2a zoning in one council may not mean the same in another council so you need to check with your local council.

    Also it's important to check the zoning boundries carefully.  We're currently seeking a DA for a multi-unit development on one of our sites which is zoned RES C however development sites directly opposite us which are of a similiar size are zoned RES B which only allows for duplex development.  RES C in our particular location means we're able to fit more dwellings on our site than a RES B one.  They each have different development restrictions including setbacks, height, parking, FSR, open space etc which are explained in the local authority planning guidelines .


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