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    Before I start I just wanted to say that this is my own opinion and not that of the PropertyInvesting website.  Having said that, I am sure that a lot of forum contributors will agree with me.

    I have been reading a lot of posts lately from people who claim to be "satisfied customers" of a particular company but turn out to be employees/owners of that company trying to use this forum as some free marketing for their company.  When it emerges that the people posting are related to the company, watching the onslaught from regular forum contributors and the subsequent denial or backtracking from the owners/employees is like watching a trainwreck.  I just cringe as I read.  It becomes embarrassing.

    There are several very experienced contributors on this forum who have been involved for years and can spot a suspicious post from a mile away.  You (company owners) may think that you are very clever and inventive by trying to drum up cheap publicity, but it is not particularly clever or inventive (it seems everyone tries to do it) and chances are you will be caught out and will just look BAD.

    Here are a couple of examples of late:

    Anyone doing a basic google search on these companies will come across these forum threads.  They are in the public domain.  Do you seriously think anyone finding these threads will want to do business with these companies ever again?

    You may be able to successfully pretend that you are a "satisfied customer" of your own company.  More likely you will be exposed.  And then you will get everything you deserve.

    I say this with good intentions.  These spruiking posts are very risky and can be devastating for your business.



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    Hey K,

    It is frustrating when they are first poster's and then they have someone else from the office come online (with another first post) and back up the uncalled for testimonial. They wouldn't have the intelligence to realise that the publicity will backfire and that all here is in the public domain.

    Contrast this with some of the veterans here and on other forums, who provide a wealth of info and have a simple link in their signature block at the end of the post that one can explore. I certainly don't see anything wrong with that.

    As with everything to do with investing, caveat emptor and perhaps the spam police could be more vigilant in deleting these posts

    I used to reply to them and point out how obvious their strategy is, now I try to just ignore

    It would probably serve new forumites well to have been in the community for a month or two and posted at least a dozen times or more with some useful info before they even think of tagging a link to their site.

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    bloody hell, that was funny. I just read thos links. Very funny stuff. I hope people don't rely on others to do ALL their Homework, All their financing, ALL their tax, ALL their consulting etc. All you have to do is read enough info (this forum, also a good one i have found is the BANTACS website for tax tips) and then start harbouring advice from friends and seeing proffesionals.
    It won't hippen overnight but it will hippen and you begin to appreciate what you didn't know as your knowledge base grows.
    Sipher through all the crap and don't give people your money for nothing. You'll feel like an idiot when you get waxed of all your hard earned then hear about it on here two weeks later.

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    HaHaHa … Very good Linar and here is another for you that I responded to in the commercial area …

    We have several licenses that I will not go into here and we are very close to the ACCC and DFT for obvious reasons.

    There is a great deal changing in the market place especially in the mortgage broking and finance industry and for those who're in those trades you know what I mean.

    Firstly, any person or company who sells an investment property with out a real estate license or proper authority will be liable for prosecution, unless you are the owner but your employees will soon need a license.

    If you are a "sales" person deriving a commission from recommending investment properties you will soon be liable for prosecution.

    If you run a finance company that is a front for selling investment properties from telemarketing type operations you will be liable for prosecution.

    Any person who receives a commission related from a real estate settlement with out the "proper" qualifications will be liable for prosecution.

    This forum is a wonderful place to get advise before you dive in and many people here are qualified to guide you in the right direction as well as many here run well know businesses with full disclosure.

    Secondly "IF" you buy any investment in property or shares without haveing that investment checked by an INDEPENDENT accountant, financial advisor or solicator YOU are a bl..dy idiot and deserve to lose your money "caveat emptor"

    "the greatest profits i have made is from money I did not lose" quote by PS

    I believe there should be another thread here in line with what "Linar" is exposing.

    D … she'll be right mate … oh really!

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