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    recently sold my 2nd house, plan to tour Aus for 12 months in a motorhome……..only issue is motorhome isnt finished and house settlement is in 2 weeks.

    so Im trying to find a house I can rent for 3 months which has a big shed I can finish the work in.

    I found it hard to get a 3 month lease and even harder to find a big shed.

    then I found an industrial shed which has a bathroom & kitchen.

    how would the owner feel about me living in the shed?
    are there any legal issues?
    how likely are they to accept a 3 month lease?

    anyone have a property that would suit? anywhere around Bris ok. need a min 2.7m height in shed.

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    The issue of living in a shed is a Council planning issue.  Sheds are not intended for habitation pursuant to the Building Code of Australia.  Using the shed for habitation is a change of use which must be approved by the local council pursuant to the State planning legislation and local planning provisions.  The initial approval of the shed, if it exists, may have a restricting condition of consent prohibiting the use for habitation.  Either way you would be either illegally using a shed ($600 fine in NSW) or contravening a condition of consent/approval for the shed ($???).  The local Council can then issue you with either an intention to serve an order under the Local Government Act (if in NSW) to cease the use, or just serve you with the order straight out.  Best to move to appease the authorities and avoid a negative legal stoush.

    Insurance of the shed may? be compromised by misusing the shed if that action contributed to a damaging incident such as a fire.

    If the shed is well away from the roadway and there are no nosey neighbours then the use of the shed for habitation could be undertaken without Council knowing and then if caught just play dumb.  Keep the car movements, pub & local talk to a minimum as well as delivery of personal goods & services &mail to keep under the Council radar and conceal evening lighting where possible (blankets over any windows, and no loud & wild parties!

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    crashy wrote:
    anyone have a property that would suit? anywhere around Bris ok. need a min 2.7m height in shed.

    Try posting in the CMCA forum, they may be able to help you out. Otherwise I suggest finishing  the outside bit quickly and do the rest quietly in a caravan park.

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