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    A little off topic, but this is my situation…

    If I move from one city to another in australia for a job promotion, can i claim the relocation costs on my tax?


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    Short answer is no.

    Business related travel is generally deductible but not private travel. Although you are moving to improve your employment, this relocation is not a requirement of you current position nor an expense in deriving your existing income – i.e. you're basically moving to take up a better offer of employment.

    As a result the move is private in nature and not deductible.

    You could try and ask your employer to subsidise your move however….

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    You can get your employer to pay for the costs of relocating as part of your salary package. It is a tax deduction to them, and is also an exempt fringe benefit. So you can get an indirect benefit of the tax deduction.

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