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    Hello forumites,

    Some time ago I remember attending a seminar in which Steve McKnight said something like:

    We are only putting on seminars and selling products to raise money for charity. We are not profiting personally it is just to raise money for all the needy children we met while doing our wraps etc. He spoke about giving away $5 million to these poor children and everyone applauded and cheered.

    Does anyone know what happened? I know some homeless kids that could do with help. Please let me know if you have contact details of Steve's charity with the $5 million dollars.

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    I heard he had set up a foundation with the goal of putting $1M into it,

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    easy claim to make & hard to prove one way or the other.

    true charity is anonymous. public claims of 'charity' are more about ego / publicity / buying reputation, very few are actually carried out.

    I would REALLY hope its not just a stunt……..

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    Call the PI office, I am sure they will give you the details of the charity. It certainly does exsist and has certainly assisted those that need some help.


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    I guess most of the posts will have to
    be cleared by the PI office so
    please reply to this post

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