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    does anyone know anything about property investing in thailand? i don't mean the large tourist developments in phuket etc but on the ground investing? any idea about how to research in english?

    my son is marrying a thai national. it would appear that returns of 25% are possible in the right areas, rented to foreigners?
    any thoughts?

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    I think the fact that he is marrying a Thai national will make it easier.

    Even though Thailand is a great place to visit, I am not sure if the 'investment' market is really there.
    Some reason:

    1. Low leveraging / mortgages.
    2. hotels so cheap that holiday rentals are hard to come by.
    3. Most of the properties are lifestyle rather than investment.

    I recommend to research by ysing local agents contacted by his wife.

    Finally, and without sounding negative, advise him to ensure that ownership is by both him and his wife and not just her.

    Good luck!

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