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    I'm not sure what i was thinking when managing my SA property from WA was every such a good idea.  I added another layer between the property, the tenant and the rent and it cause me loads of headaches.  What i now understand is that asking a property manager in one state to deal with a property manager in another and then deal with me just wasn't such a great idea.  The local property manager would give a cut to the proeprty manager from WA and then still be expected to do the same job for less money. 

    The local property manager eventually called me to say whats going on i'm doing all the work for less money and nothing is being approved to be fixed on your property so you're tenant has given notice and wants to leave.  I had no idea. 

    So now I have a vacant property earning me nothing and repairs that need to be done.  The local property manager thank god has agreed to manage the property for a discounted rate.  So why should I?

    I reckon that you can always get a better deal when you ask and are not paying two people, one person to do the job and another to say they are doing it and aren't.

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    With my properties whether they are interstate or not I usually use a local property manager to that area, and keep in regular email or phone contact with them to make sure all is okay. Although I'm not sure why you req'd 2 property managers in different states to manage this property, it would just create twice the headache for you. I would suggest just finding one in SA that you are comfortable with, fix whatever needs doing, take control and manage the relationship with the property manager in SA by maintaining regular contact and getting regular updates.

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    It is not necessary at all to hire 2 property managers!!?? You can actually hire 1 property manager for that property at that state! Direct communicate with your property manager is better. Sign an agreement with your property manager with all details. Build a good relationship with him or her. He/She is the one who find your tenant or any problem with your property, they are the one who contact you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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