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    Hi all…

    What do you think one should go for in the current climate of interest rates? Fixed or Variable.

    There's a lot of talk about rates coming off the boil and even dropping by early next year. Then again they could hit 10%.

    Dilemma – would you maybe even split the loan 50fixed/50variable?

    Just wanted to get a feel for what people are thinking at the moment.


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    It depends on your current circumstances. I am always go for variable as it is easier to manage my cashflow/ direct credit salary/ redraw etc… and it will significantly lower the fixed rated. It is difficult to time the cycle of interest rates. Lots of gossips in the newspaper but no one has crystal ball to  predict the future economic climate including RBA. Cheers Don

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    fix it.
    Many people fix their rates and then they like it and are happy whenever rates go up because it just gives them an excuse to hike up the rent tenants pay but they don't feel a thing.

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    We prepare an interest rate advisory note which you might be interested in reading – go to

    Hope that helps.



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